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Charmed Your Look By Best Professional Artist

Having an astounding marriage cosmetics is the thing that each lady of the hour needs. Each young lady has loads of dreams in regards to this exceptional day of her life, wedding look is one of them. IMB excellence salon guarantees our lady to-be to have your marvelous marriage look by us. Our expert excellence specialists are used with their magnificent abilities and they have aced them, as well as are knowledgeable with in vogue methods of cosmetics and its application. Makeup via enhance with Photoshop is likewise one of such in vogue method of applying makeup. Best bridal makeup artist in Lucknow might want to indicate a few advantages of enhancing with Photoshop marriage cosmetics:

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  • Bridal makeup gave through digitally embellish has a long remain. Digitally embellish makeup is for the most part silicon based thus our ladies can make the most of their wedding with no stress over cosmetics.
  • When enhance with Photoshop wedding cosmetics is given to our ladies by professional makeup artist in Lucknow we can guarantee that cosmetics by this system are waterproofs so if your tears are destroyed because of the misery of leaving your folks you don’t need to stress over cosmetics.
  • Brides can have much better and faultless cosmetics through digitally embellish as a contrast with manual cosmetics as through artificially glamorize cosmetics is connected all the more equitably.
  • Makeup done via enhanced with Photoshop is less substantial and negligible as this cosmetics is splashed and not brushed, but rather gives you a decorating wedding look.
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Makeup done through these methods by makeup artist in Lucknow gives you much better and charming HD wedding photos.

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Bridal makeup artist in Lucknow figured out how to make the correct look that I needed

I needed to send you a note to recognizing such a great amount for my cosmetics for the wedding. Having the other makeup artist drop was such a surprisingly beneficial turn of events. As you most likely are aware I was feeling truly wiped out and hopeless that morning. I’d basically surrendered any expectation of looking perfect by then. After I saw my cosmetics it conveyed the greatest grin to my face.

Bridal makeup artist in Lucknow figured out how to make the correct look that I needed. I couldn’t trust how astonishing my makeup was. I got such a variety of compliments for the duration of the day. My makeup was totally immaculate all night as well. Not with standing having more photos taken later at night I knew I could unwind realizing that I looked faultless from each edge (and that nobody had any thought how wiped out I really was on account of I absolutely didn’t look it).
Makeup artist in Lucknow was so phenomenal to work with, I can inform you truly mind regarding giving your customers precisely what they need, and it was so decent to know you have the experience to make completely any look. I really need in all seriousness I feel like the most shocking lady of the hour and making our extraordinary day so vital.

Visit- Geetika Chakravarti

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Makeup Has to Reflect You Who You Are

I first got to know about Geetika makeup artist in Lucknow through my cousin, and I was impressed by the natural look and creative hairdos that she did for my cousin’s bridal Photo-shoot. I checked out her website over the internet where I found her commendable work and decided to engage her for my own bridal Photo-shoot and actual wedding day. And I’m so glad that she lived up to the expectations. My husband and friends commented that I looked very natural and the makeup further enhanced my features.


Bridal makeup artist in Lucknow is an amazing lady. Her bubbly nature and chattiness made the whole make up process so much more enjoyable, especially during the actual wedding day. She’s not like any makeup artiste; she’s like my new found friend. She was also very accommodating throughout.

When I commented that I didn’t like falsies as they felt too heavy on my eyelids, she painstakingly attached single lashes instead so that I would feel more comfortable without compromising on the look. As the actual wedding day was very rushed, professional makeup artist in Lucknow was really sweet to help me change and tidy up, so that I could put my mind at ease and just focus on looking pretty. I am really happy to choose Geetika makeup artist for my makeup.

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Makeup by Best Bridal Makeup Artist in Lucknow

Basics on time efficient complete setup including that cute director’s chair. Geetika didn’t mind that I was particular about how I wanted my makeup and hair to look. In fact she welcomed it. She even brought a hairstylist that was an expert in the kind of do I wanted achieve.

Makeup artist in Lucknow uses the only best quality product. Unless your skin is allergic to Chanel, you will enjoy the silky feeling and radiance that only luxury brands can bring. Very sensitive to the bride’s feelings, we brides can be emotional, stressed out, absent minded, irritable even on the big day and I was no exception. Professional makeup artist in Lucknow is very polite, considerate and professional- no wasting time, panicking or complaints.


I forgot my loose powder at home and offered to buy Geetika and she ended up giving her to me. She makes me feel that she wants me to be the most beautiful woman on my special day. Bridal makeup artist in Lucknow understands vanity, takes the time to cover every blemish, go through all the small details that are important for me and make me feel at ease.

I really love my makeup that day a lot of people were complimenting how pretty and fresh I was looking. She really made me look and feel like a princes on my special day, I really thankful she truly pulled off an awesome job and no words can describe the happiness that I felt on my special day.

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Best Professional Makeup Artist in Lucknow

I was the kind of bride who didn’t care much for backdrops, center pieces, overlays, etc. The most important thing to me was that I look my best on my wedding day. Now, some makeup artists take that as meaning that I want to not look like myself. No I wanted to look like the more enhanced version of myself. I didn’t want to look in the mirror and not recognize the face staring back at me. I just want to look perfect.


During my make up trial with Geetika makeup artist in Lucknow, the one thing that struck me different from the other entire makeup was that when you told her you wanted to change something here, or change something there, she was totally cool with it. After the makeup trial, even though I wasn’t 100% with the makeup.  Come the next day, I was so nervous.

After getting my make up done, I looked in the mirror and I looked beautiful. Everything that I told her that I wanted did not go in one ear and out the other. It was perfect, for those of you who do want a more natural, matte look that is what I did and wow. I truly do believe that in order to have a successful and relaxed wedding day, you have to trust the people you’re putting your face in. Geetika is kind, sweet, and works magic with makeup.

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Makeup Artist in Lucknow Which Improves Your Excellence through Their Makeup

With regards to makeup artist, there is nobody I esteem more than Geetika makeup artist. As a picture taker, I know I can believe her to work with a scope of facial shapes, elements, and skin tones. She has such a mind blowing impulse and eye, additionally comprehends individuals. Makeup artist in Lucknow knows how to hear her out customers and is constantly open to criticism as they experience their voyage finding that immaculate look.  15094990_1806989462875483_2284430938588423570_n

She not just makes everybody look astonishing, she knows how to make individuals likewise look incredible on camera, which is not as simple as it might appear. I have likewise by and by had the Makeup artist in Hazratganj Lucknow to do my makeup on many events; my sister’s wedding, my head shots and both social and business occasions.

Every occasion called for altogether different styling and looks and every time she could hear my vision and make an interpretation of it into precisely what I was searching for. I was excited each and every time. Geetika is to a great degree skilled individual and I view myself as exceptionally fortunate to know her. She is one of the best professional makeup artists in Lucknow who simply play enchantment with her hands and made anybody charming by her makeup.

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Best Bridal Makeup by the Makeup Artist in Lucknow

I was suggested Geetika cosmetics craftsman by a dear companion of mine, knowing my companion would not prescribe just anybody I was avid to meet for my trial. On meeting her that first day I discovered her warm and clever and made I unwind straight away. I felt makeup artist in Lucknow listened to what I needed, and she could exhort me and in addition let me know what she imagined for me.


We began with my healthy skin routine and she let me know what items she prescribed to make my skin look as brilliant as could be allowed… With it being a goal wedding I needed delightful radiant skin, delicate. So I did precisely what bridal makeup artist in Lucknow said. The trial went astounding and I booked in straight away. On our big day, she arrived in a major bundle of upbeat vitality… it was so incredible.

At that point, she put her expert head on and began work. She invested energy in my mom and sister nothing was hurried and when professional makeup artist in Lucknow began on me. It was especially a total proficient at work. The Makeup was flawless I was truly gleaming and there was nothing I would change.

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